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O’Reilly introduces MAKE magazine for tech Do-It-Yourselfers.  magazine as well as buddy web site ( expose exactly how to Make Practical, Fun, as well as Wildly innovative Projects

“To be thrown upon one’s own resources, is to be cast into the extremely lap of fortune.” –Benjamin Franklin

Sebastopol, CA–The desire to make things is primal as well as unstoppable. In service of that universal urge, humans grab the tools as well as materials at hand–while a previous generation chosen up a saw as well as bullnose rabbet plane, today’s makers are likely to reach for a soldering iron as well as feline 5 cable. MAKE, a new magazine from O’Reilly Media, celebrates as well as influences those who are driven to make awesome as well as unusual things with technology, for the pure fun of it.

The premiere problem of MAKE features 192 pages of do-it-yourself projects, including illustrated step-by-step directions on exactly how to:
-make a $10,000 Steadicam for the cost of a movie ticket as well as popcorn

-build a single network cable that can replace the five most commonly used

-fashion a magstripe visitor as well as discover out what hidden info is being
stored on your credit history card’s magnetic stripe

Available today on as well as on–and at newsstands and
bookstores nationwide in mid-March–MAKE is published quarterly. Egyetlen
copies are $14.99 as well as a yearly membership is $34.95.

“Today’s tinkerers set out to make innovation work for them, as well as they enjoy the process as much as the result,” stated MAKE publisher Dale Dougherty. “They’ll spend hours in the garage on a project, as well as come away with something practical or just ordinary fun to show their buddies as well as family. MAKE is the very first magazine for this new breed of do-it-yourselfers.”

The MAKE editorial personnel is led by Editor-in-Chief mark Frauenfelder, who has written for publications including “The new York Times,” “LA Weekly,” “Wired,” as well as “Playboy.” Frauenfelder is likewise author as well as illustrator of three books: “The happy Mutant Handbook,” “Mad Professor,” as well as “The
World’s Worst…”

Associate Editor Phil Torrone, a widely known hacker who composes routinely for “Popular Science” as well as Engadget, is creating the magazine’s buddy web site, Torrone is contributing a blog, podcast interviews with notable makers, as well as jobs in addition to those in the print magazine. The site is developed to serve the maker community, with forums as well as a section where people can publish their own projects, total with instructions, advice, as well as photographs.

ISBN: 0596009224
Yearly membership (4 volumes) $34.95;
Single copies $14.99, $21.99 CA
Order: 866-289-8847 (US as well as Canada),
818-487-2037 (all other countries), 5am-5pm PST

Founded in 1978 as well as based in Sebastopol, CA, O’Reilly Media is the premier info source for leading-edge computer technologies. The company’s books, conferences, as well as web sites give light the understanding of innovation innovators. O’Reilly books, understood for the animals on their covers, occupy a treasured location on the shelves of the designers building the next generation of software. O’Reilly conferences as well as summits bring alpha geeks as well as forward-thinking business leaders together to shape the
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